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Batman The Dark Knight Movie

I just got back from seeing the new Batman movie, and I’ve got to tell you it was good. It was not just good, it was scary good. Probably one of the best action movies that I have seen ever, and I have seen a lot of movies.

Anyway you may be wondering how does this apply to the mortgage industry? Well let me tell you, in the movie Batman does everything that he can to prevent the Joker ( Oscar performance by Heath Ledger) from continuing to terrorize Gotham City. The Sub prime lender’s, the central banks and the government over reacting by changing mortgage insurance policy has done nothing short but terrorize it’s citizen’s. Sure our options are narrowing, for the people with less than perfect credit, the one’s who are self employed and the one’s that want … Read more

Death of 40-year mortgage!

I could not have said it better my self so here is the article in it’s entirety.




Entrepreneurs’ flexible finance scheme quashed

Tony Wanless, Financial Post Published: Monday, July 21, 2008

For sale signs lined up along the street on Country Village Landing N.E. for condos in this Calgary, Alta. neighbourhood.Dean Bicknell/Canwest News ServiceFor sale signs lined up along the street on Country Village Landing N.E. for condos in this Calgary, Alta. neighbourhood.

When Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) recently announced it was no longer backing 40-year amortization mortgages, it presumably was attempting to put some order into the teetering housing and mortgage markets. In the process it quashed the hopes and dreams of thousands of Canadian entrepreneurs who had rallied to the new mortgage as a flexible method of financing small businesses.

The 40-year mortgage was initiated by lenders last year as home prices climbed to levels that put monthly payments out of reach

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Is this what they mean by Freedom 55?

Why you should get that mortgage off your books

Garry Marr, Financial Post Published: Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thank goodness the federal government stepped in this month and banned mortgages with a 40-year amortization.

To read the rest of the article that this is taken from go here, http://www.financialpost.com/story.html?id=665065

The article goes on the say that the writer is glad that 40 year am’s are gone as he does not want to still be making a mortgage payment in his retirement years. They also say to pay off your mortgage sooner you have to make bi-weekly payments instead of monthly. Although that will get you paid off sooner, I think that he is really missing the boat.

What my firm does is show families how to pay off their mortgage, all their debt and retire richer sooner. Now isn’t that

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Sub-prime lender Wells Fargo beats expectations!


NEW YORK — — Wells Fargo & Co. [WFC-N], the fifth-largest U.S. bank, reported better-than-expected quarterly results on Wednesday and raised its dividend despite a 23 per cent decline in profit caused by deteriorating credit.

You may be wondering why is this important? Well let me tell you. Wells Fargo is largely an Alt-A or Sub prime lender here in Canada. We need options and Wells Fargo provides that. I have been a broker for over 5 years and many sub prime and Alt-A lenders have come and gone. Wells Fargo has stayed the course. “A” lenders are a dime a dozen, and many offer similar products. 

Let me give you some examples, say you have less than perfect credit, we can most likely find something for you at Wells Fargo,

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Mortgage insurers push to keep zero-down loans!

Garry Marr, Financial Post Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Private mortgage insurers are pushing for ways to keep no-money-down mortgages alive and are set to meet with Department of Finance officials in the next two weeks to discuss possible options, sources indicate.

The move comes after Ottawa cracked down on mortgage practices that allowed consumers to enter the housing market with no money down and amortize their loans over 40 years. New rules that come into effect on Oct. 15 would demand a 5% repayment and shorten the length of amortization from 40 years to 35 years.

Sources indicate the country’s major private insurers, which control about 30% of the market, have told mortgage brokers they are working on a solution which would keep the zero-down option alive and even the 40-year amortization.

One insurer, PMI Canada, which has been

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BoC remains on hold as inflation fears rise



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada left its benchmark interest rate at 3 per cent and predicted raging oil and food prices would cause inflation to surge past 4 per cent by early next year.

Governor Mark Carney and his five deputies on the governing council also cut their estimate for economic growth for 2008 to 1 per cent, which would be the weakest in almost two decades, citing “protracted weakness” in the U.S. economy and “ongoing turbulence” in financial markets.

The central bank’s decision to leave borrowing costs unchanged suggests Mr. Carney’s biggest concern is keeping a lid on Canadians’ expectations about prices. Policy makers raise and lower interest rates to keep inflation advancing at an annual rate of 2 per cent and are uncomfortable with

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Glad you're not affected by the USA mortgage meltdown? Think again!!

Are you worried because of all the instability in the U.S banking system? The sub prime melt down, foreclosures and the long list of banks closing their doors. Do you think that we are immune up here in Canada? Well we are and we aren’t, let me explain. 

Well thanks to the fact that our banks have large national branch networks, rather than where our American neighbor’s banks are mostly regional focused. We have deposit insurance (provided by CDIC) as do our American friend’s (FDIC), however that will not help the over 10,000 clients of Indy Mac Bank who have deposits or investments in excess of the insured limits. Our strength truly lies in our limited number of charted banks and our national network. 

Have there been effects here in Canada, yes there have. Just in the past year alone, … Read more

Say goodbye to 40-year mortgages!

The 40-year mortgage, launched just over two years ago, will probably expire in October.

Back in April 2006, Genworth Financial Canada was the first to insure residential mortgages in Ontario that were paid back over 40 years.

Soon, all of Canada’s mortgage insurers will have to underwrite mortgages paid back over 35 years at most. Ottawa is not killing the long-payback loan because it sees a U.S.-style housing bust coming to Canada.

Canadian financial institutions have been conservative in their lending, says a finance department background paper.

And subprime mortgages make up less than 5 per cent of new loans issued in recent years.

A more urgent reason is to protect taxpayers – you and me – from possible losses if too many stretched borrowers default on their 40-year mortgages.

The federal government is on the hook financially

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Bank of Canada urged to raise interest rates

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada should move to head off inflation in the country by raising interest rates next week for the first time in a year, says a consensus view by a deeply divided panel of nine economists associated with the C.D. Howe Institute.

A closer look suggests the economic think tank’s monetary policy council was almost evenly divided 5-4 between those favouring a rate increase and those who thought the central bank should leave the rate unchanged.

Four members were in favour of the central bank leaving its overnight interest rate unchanged at 3.0 per cent next Tuesday, four others advocated a quarter-point increase and one wanted a half-point increase.

The overnight rate is a benchmark that is used by commercial banks when they set various other

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