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Are you or should you be? To your goals that is. This hit me when one of my friends from the gym saw me today and commented that I must not be committed as I did not make it in for my regular workout time of 05h30 yesterday. My excuse was that one of our kids was up a few times over night. However excuses be gone, come hell or high water I will certainly be there for tomorrow.

When you think about it, are you committed to the successful attainment of your goals? If you are not, or worse if you don’t have your goals written down ( shame on you if that is the  case) then you are just breathing and not really living.

If getting out of debt is your goal. Then you should write your goal

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I owe, I owe

So as the dwarves in Snow White say “It’s off to work I go”. Below is a great article from The Vancouver Sun, talking about our ever increasing debt load. In fact, that is the number one reason that the finance department reacted with changes to mortgage financing yesterday. As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Our debt-to-income ratio hits an all-time high

Although the recession may technically be over in Canada, many households sank even further into debt in 2009, creating the highest debt-to-income ratio ever in Canada, according to the Vanier Institute’s annual assessment report, released Tuesday.

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Rules, Rules, Rules

Here is the information regarding the new mortgage rules that will come into effect on April 19th of this year. The changes are not as bad as some were predicting. This is the summary, and the text is below.
Starting April 19th
1. Borrowers need to qualify using the 5 year fixed rate
2. Refinances maxed out at 90% LTV
3. 20% downpayment for mortgages tied to non-owner occupied properties bought for speculation.
Canada will bring in new mortgage rules to cool the country’s red-hot housing sector, but does not think the market has entered into bubble territory, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on Tuesday.Concerned that new homebuyers may overextend themselves, the government said it is implementing three changes to mortgage rules that will help prevent the problems seen in other countries that helped trigger the global financial crisis.

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October 2009

Here is October 2009’s monthly update on key economic data. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Flexible Juggler

Yes as strange as that may sound, but in order to succeed in this day and age you need to be a “Flexible Juggler”. To put this another way, you need to be able to balance several tasks at the same time while maintaining flexibility in your approach to completing each task. Do you want to know who are good at this? Mom’s! Yes Mom’s, my wife is fantastic at this, I get the kids up, she makes them breakfast, referee’s any disputes that may be happening at the same time, motivates them to finish their breakfast, assembles outfits to get them dressed, gets them ready to get out the door, drop’s two off at school and one at day care and then tends to her 85 year old father, picks up the kids for their lunch then back to … Read more

Fired or fired up!

This is not a pep talk, it’s a reality check. Look at your track record, are your results what you want them to be? If not you should either get fired or fired up. By this I mean act as if your were your own boss cause in reality no matter what you do or where you work you are! Think about this for a moment, you did not just wake up today and discover that you were 50 lbs over weight, 150K in debt and in a job that you hated. This was a long time coming and possibly you just realized that today is the day that you are going to do something about it. You have to realize that what you have been doing in the past was not working and should be “fired” and that you … Read more

Star or supporting part?

Put it this way, if there was a movie made of your life, would you be playing a leading role or a supporting part? By this I mean are you making the decisions that determine the overall direction of your life, or it is some other party like a spouse or boss? Don’t get me wrong, this is not a recommendation to act like a dictator. I simply mean that if you do not have clearly defined goals and plans to achieve them, then you are working to help someone else achieve theirs.

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The importance of Timing

You may, like others think that timing has nothing to do with your overall success, however I believe this is not the case. If you think back to some significant events in your life, either positive or negative, timing played a part . Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that it has everything to do with your outcome, but it definitely plays a part. The harder you work, more opportunities will come your way and the better your timing seems to be. Things just seem to happen when you want them to happen, and that is because you are focused like a laser on your desired end result.

Here are just a few examples that come to mind. Normally I write my blog posts at night and post them first thing in the morning, however last Friday I decided

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Change Please!

Every once in a while you meet one of those people who needs help but can not seem to get out of their own way. I met one of those people yesterday. After analysing their current situation we discovered that what they were currently doing was not getting them the results that they wanted. Which is actually a simple and painless process. After discussing several options we recommended one that would help them meet their needs and put them on track to achieving the goals that they told me about. Done deal one would think, however that was not the case. I learned a long time ago that you can not force square pegs into round holes, so no amount of convincing was going to win them over.  However detrimental as it may seem, they were just happy with the Read more

Your last day….

Yup, you read that correctly. What would you do if today was your last day? I am not sure if this article was inspired by watching “The Bucket List” last night or hearing Nickelback’s song “If today was your last day”. There is a sad truth that we all have to face is that none of us get out of here alive. However we can make a difference while we are here. You can make an impact (in the world of business, the arts or for a cause), but better yet you could leave a legacy.

Leaving a legacy is a much better move than leaving your family holding the bag. That is what could happen if you leave pre-maturely intestate, that is what they call it when you die without a will. What could also happen in this case Read more