Are you in a rut or digging your grave?

How we feel about our own finances has an effect on the market as a whole. Well now you may be saying that you feel less optimistic because the markets have been going in the toilet lately. It’s sort of like the chicken and egg scenario. Didn’t this all start with the demise of the sub prime mortgage market. If you remember that all started when people were unable to keep up with their mortgage payments and started to lose their homes. It sort of has a snow ball effect don’t you think.

The real difference between a rut and a grave is the depth! So stop digging and put down your shovel. There are solutions and there is a better way.

1) Stop looking at your feet and start looking at where you want to go. Begin with the end in mind, and with that I mean that you should have a clear vision of where you want to go.

2)Take action now. Don’t get caught up in analysis of paralysis. Just do something, and learn from what you do until you find out what works.

3) Expect to succeed. Hoping and praying will kill you. Expect to achieve your end result. If your boat overturns in the middle of the lake, you don’t hope to make it to the shore, you find the closest point and swim your butt off and get there. Be persistent and find a way. 

If your current financial crisis finds you buried up to your eyeballs in bills, there is a better way. Contact my office today so we can show you how to systematically eliminate all your debts so you can build true wealth.



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