Blind Bidding

Blind Bidding

Blind bidding as it refers to real estate is when you put in an offer on a house with no idea what others have offered on the same property. You don’t see blind bidding at art of luxury car auctions yet they still seem to be getting record amounts for both of those products. So would a change to this rule and or ability help cool the housing market here in Canada?

Before I attempt to answer that, let me tell you a few things about blind bidding. In our current hot housing market, keeping the process of blind bidding in place will help property sellers get the top dollar for their property. Also Realtors get paid more as they earn a % fee of the sale as their commission. Since we are putting this all on the table, us mortgage brokers are paid a % of the total loan amount. So all three of these parties make more money by keeping blind bidding when homes are selling for top dollar.

However there are jurisdictions where there is no blind bidding such as Sweden, Australia & New Zealand. All three of these places have experienced dramatic increases in real estate prices as compared to Canada during the pandemic. So will removing the blind bidding process really help cool our hot real estate market? I don’t think so as the recent price growth has more to do with overwhelming demand in our real estate sector and very limited supply.

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