Clickbait Headline

Clickbait headlines

You see these headlines all the time on tabloids in the checkout line, on entertainment websites and most recently on a national newspaper talking about mortgages. The article in question has the headline of “lenders now seeing 60,70 or even up to 90 year mortgages as Canadian’s struggle with rocketing interest rates”. If you have only read the headline like a certain political leader then you are missing the whole story behind this.

The thing is that many Canadians opted for a variable or adjustable rate mortgage ( based on prime rate) when they either purchased their new home recently or renewed or refinanced their mortgage. Those on a variable rather than an adjustable rate mortgage and have their mortgage with one of major Canadian banks, then they have had their payment set for the term of the mortgage at the start.

While this was an attractive option just over two years ago when prime rate was 2.45% and most lenders were offering steep discounts on the prime rate up to -1% to 1.25%. If you did not adjust your payment when the prime rate changed (8 times last year) and a few this year, then you are most likely now only paying interest. Thus this is reason for the above headline as it would now take you much much longer to pay off your current mortgage if you did not re adjust your payment.

There are may options with variable or adjustable rate mortgages. Although the biggest which was the cost which has disappeared, you still have greater flexibility to lock into a fixed rate at any time and traditionally penalties have been less if an when you had to break your contract, but those may be gone now too with the higher interest rates.

The point is if you are on a variable rate mortgage with a lender who had not increased your payment as prime has changed, then it certainly time to contact them and increase it. This is so you are paying more than just interest .Otherwise you will be in for a big surprise once your term is up and you have received your renewal notice with a much higher payment.

Today I am thankful for the fact that I have been proactive in increasing our mortgage payments as prime has increased, that my favourite Peloton instructor got a good report on her health and the sound of the rain this morning.

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