Are you or should you be? To your goals that is. This hit me when one of my friends from the gym saw me today and commented that I must not be committed as I did not make it in for my regular workout time of 05h30 yesterday. My excuse was that one of our kids was up a few times over night. However excuses be gone, come hell or high water I will certainly be there for tomorrow.

When you think about it, are you committed to the successful attainment of your goals? If you are not, or worse if you don’t have your goals written down ( shame on you if that is the  case) then you are just breathing and not really living.

If getting out of debt is your goal. Then you should write your goal like this, ” I am making X per month or year” rather than ” I am paying off my debt”. When you include what you do not want in your goals, you end of thinking of what you do not want. See your self as already having acheived your goal, feel it and live it.

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