Get it in writing

Get it in writing

Important events in your life should always be received in writing. A handshake is good for a greeting not for a formal agreement. I had a prospective client call me yesterday and tell me that the previous broker they worked with got them pre approved but that they had never received it in writing.

Job offer’s for any reputable company are always received in writing. Part of the marriage ceremony is to sign your marriage certificate. If you go into business with someone you enter into a partnership agreement. When I take on commercial clients I have them sign a mandate agreement. Most importantly when you buy real estate you need to get it in writing.

Also to illustrate this is that your pre qualification is only a rough calculation of what you can afford based on what the clients disclose. A pre approval is NOT a pre approval unless it is received in writing. In writing it will have the rate that is being offered, for how long it is held for and the amount of the pre approval.

Today I am thankful for crisp cool nights and still some warmth in the afternoons, getting to practice my french during my daily calls and the new licensing process is almost complete.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt (she was awesome)

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