Give ‘em the old one-two combination!

I would not profess to know a lot about boxing, however, something can be said for a good sport analogy. My point is that goals and massive action are like a one-two combination. You cannot achieve success with one and not the other. Sitting on the sofa and wishing you could win the lotto will not do you much good unless you have already purchased a ticket or two. If you want reach your goals, they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. If you were paying attention that means “SMART”.

An important part of that formula has been omitted – action and I mean massive action. Being “Smart” about your goals is all well and good, but if you are still sitting on the sofa then shame on you. 

The same can be said if you were smart and timely enough to take advantage of current interest rates to restructure your finances. If you have just restructured, but have no plan to improve yourself financially, then you may find yourself in the same position in the future.

The one-two punch here is to make sure that if you have restructured; you have a plan and will take action to follow your plan. Ultimately your goal should be to eliminate all your debts as quickly as possible and then start building true wealth. It is possible; we have done this with many clients – clients who have saved thousands of dollars in interest payments and are now saving money every month!

Feel free to contact our office today – we can show you how to make improvements to your financial situation, it is possible.




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