Google it

Google it

If you don’t know something you Google it. Yes the company with the same name has also become a verb describing the action of searching for information online. If you want to learn how to cook, you Google it. The same for working out, learning a new language, buying insurance, buying a new home or getting a mortgage. It ( and countless cat videos ) are all on line for your browsing pleasure.

However like in Captain America Winter Soldier, your life is a digital book and most of it now is online. Your prospective employers don’t just call your references, they also check you out online. The same can be said for your prospective romantic partners. Only the naïve will take what is presented on the dating app or site at face value. If they are smart they are also confirming the details by doing their own research.

All of this brings us to mortgage lending. We frequently know more about our clients lives than their employers, friends or even spouses as we have to have the complete financial picture in order to secure them financing. All of this requires full disclosure on the client’s behalf about their past. So if you think that redacting out parts of your bank statements as you don’t want lenders to know where you have spent your money will help you, it won’t and usually results in an automatic decline. These same lenders are also checking into you online. Sadly Google, Facebook and Twitter don’t forget your past indiscretions, so please disclose them upfront so they can be dealt with properly, and not surprising us at the end when the lender does it.

Today I am thankful for frank and honest discussions with clients, great conversations with other dog owners on my morning walk and to my American friends their Thanksgiving.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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