January 2023 Inflation Rate update

January 2023 Inflation report

The inflationary report for January 2023 was released by Statistics Canada yesterday and we appear to be doing better than we expected. The market consensus had predicted that inflation would drop to 6.1% from 6.3% in December 2022. Actually we dropped to 5.9% which was the lowest rate since last February. So while we saw decreases in transportaion & shelter it is actually stubbornly high for food prices which are still accelerating at the fastest pace since 1981, up 10.4%.

Since the weighting of shelter & transportation in relation to food is higher ( based on spending habits from 2002) is why our overall inflationary rate dropped. The market is estimating that the rate will decrease again in February to 5.2%. If this is the case it will turn out to be the lowest rate in a year. Thus proving the the BOC’s actions are causing a reduction to spending and in turn slowing down the economy.

However it won’t be till March 8th when the Bank of Canada meets next until we know whether these new inflationary numbers are enough to cause them to pause on the rate increases. So while we can cut down on travel and other unnecessary expenses it is harder to cut back on the necessities like food. With the our dualolopy of Empire Group ( Sobey’s) and Loblaw’s ( Superstore) making record breaking profits on the backs of consumers there is little to no pressure on them to relent on increasing prices.

Bank of Canada governor even said after these numbers were released that companies must start to bring down these prices or he will be forced to keep raising rates until that happens.

Today I am thankful the rejuvenating power of exercise, kind words from clients and the knowledge that when one door closes another one is sure to open.

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