Jobless Rate update

Jobless rate update

Canada’s economy added 41,000 jobs in April, but most of the new positions were part-time, according to data from Statistics Canada. Ontario was the province with the highest number of new jobs, adding 33,000, while Prince Edward Island added 2,200. Manitoba lost 4,000 jobs. Full-time work and self-employment remained flat. The average hourly wage was $33.38, an increase of $1.66, or 5.2%, compared with a year ago. Despite the increase in jobs, the jobless rate remained steady at 5%, as more people entered the job market.

US job growth exceeded expectations in April, remaining strong despite the Federal Reserve’s indicators that it would soon put an end to its cycle of rising interest rates. The US added 253,000 non-farm jobs in April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, had been expected to slow. Market watchers had hypothesised that higher interest rates could be slowing down the US’s economic growth and contributing to a decline in inflation. However, the data has caused some investors to backtrack their predictions that the central bank will cut rates and brace for possible further rate rises.

Statistics Canada said the wholesale and retail trade industry led job gains, while the biggest losses were in business, building and other support services. Full-time employment held steady, while average hourly wages rose 5.2% year-over-year, outstripping inflation. The Bank of Canada has warned that a tight labour market could push up wages and prices, making it difficult to reach its 2% inflation target.

So while interest rates have been steadily increasing over the past year, there seems to be little or no effect on the overall job market for the time being. If the economy keeps adding jobs and wages keep increasing, then we may be facing another Bank of Canada rate hike. 

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