Market Mimic

Market Mimic

Canada and the United Stated are pretty much joined at the hip economically. Whatever happens to our neighbours can soon be mimicked in our economy. So while their overall inflationary rate decreased to 8.2 in Sept from 8.3 in August, when you take out the two largest contributors which are energy & food you get core inflation which is now at 6.3% or the highest rate since 1982.

What this means is that the central bankers are pretty much locked in to rate increases in Nov & Dec. Predictions at this point at 75 basis points for each, however sometimes we don’t know the result till it actually happens. So as I have been saying in my recent posts, it’s time to tighten your belts and reign in your excess spending so you can limit the effects of the impending recession.

Just so you know for some reference, when core inflation is stabilized it is running just over 2%. We have a ways to go to there and most economists are predicting a bumpy road to get to that desired result.

Today I am thankful for a great week home with my girls, an energizing garage workout this morning and finding common ground with a new contact immediately upon meeting.

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