Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Now that my annual filing is complete for my license here in NS, it’s time to shift the focus from the past and plan for a prosperous future. That’s not to say that the past year wasn’t good, it was, however like with anything in life the goal is to constantly improve.

The standards that the province put into place last year gave me a view of my business that I had not seen before. It was both startling and eye opening. It is sort of like when your doctor asks you to step on the scale during your annual check up. Part of you wants to know and part of you doesn’t.

The best way to plan for changes ahead is to get an accurate picture of exactly where you stand. You want to make more money then you should know how much you currently make, want to spend less then you need to know how much you are currently spending, want to lose weight then know what is your current weight, you want to improve your business then know exactly where you stand today regarding your current sales & expenses.

Knowing a clear picture of where you stand today is half the battle, then it’s up to you to decide how much you want to improve and be dedicated to the work that is required to get there. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. This is why I like digital marketing, you know exactly where your clicks or leads come from compared to your ad spend. You can’t get that from a billboard or a bus sign.

Today I am thankful for my persistent friend who got me out for a bike ride today, the four hours I spent yesterday getting my annual filing complete and receiving confirmation that I am now approved and ready to go for another year.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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p.s.s- I should tell you that I am licensed in Nova Scotia Brokerage (2021-3000179) Broker (2021-3000180), Ontario(M18001555) & in British Columbia(BCFSA #504098).

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