Rate Increased

Rate increased

Just incase you were not watching the 5 year fixed insured AAA rate went up yesterday from 3.84% to 4.09% or an increase of 25 basis points. This is an increase of 120 basis points or 1.2% since the first of February. So it’s no wonder that the core inflation rate in Canada increased by 6.7% for the month of March. The costs of everything from fuel, food, housing and now mortgage rates have increased drastically.

So what are you doing to protect your self against the rising costs everything all around you. Are you cutting back on using your vehicle as much, have you stopped eating out, have you trimmed back some of the streaming services that you subscribe to for your entertainment or have you just buckled down and focused on working harder and putting more money away in the bank. The thing is the government wants us to continue to spend to keep the economy moving but also to cut back so we can tackle inflation.

We can’t have it both ways, something is going to have to give and if the rates increase too steeply and too quickly it may just push us into a recession as consumers and businesses cut back on any and all unnecessary spending. The next few months may be a bumpy ride so make sure that you are prepared the landing on the other side.

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