Setting New Records

Setting new records

New records are being set almost every day. Most recently with heat waves in Europe and in North America due to climate change ( yes it’s a real thing), and now today with Canada’s new CPI ( consumer price index) numbers. The CPI for the month of June here in Canada was at 8.1% up from 7.7% in May but still off the predicted high expected of 8.4%. Thankfully much lower than the American inflation rate of 9.1%.

We are at the highest level since January of 1983. Prices of almost everything are up from gas, groceries, housing and consumer staples. The one silver lining if there is one is that the CPI rate for June came in lower than expected for the 1st time in months. If this is the indication that we have hit our peak inflation rate then that would be a huge relief. Fingers crossed to see what the numbers look like for July this time next month.

Today I am thankful for clients who quickly sign and return their mortgage commitments, the sounds of the birds in the morning while reading on the back deck and another beautiful stage of the Tour de France today.

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