Sub-prime lender Wells Fargo beats expectations!


NEW YORK — — Wells Fargo & Co. [WFC-N], the fifth-largest U.S. bank, reported better-than-expected quarterly results on Wednesday and raised its dividend despite a 23 per cent decline in profit caused by deteriorating credit.

You may be wondering why is this important? Well let me tell you. Wells Fargo is largely an Alt-A or Sub prime lender here in Canada. We need options and Wells Fargo provides that. I have been a broker for over 5 years and many sub prime and Alt-A lenders have come and gone. Wells Fargo has stayed the course. “A” lenders are a dime a dozen, and many offer similar products. 

Let me give you some examples, say you have less than perfect credit, we can most likely find something for you at Wells Fargo, well what if you are self employed and can’t prove your income the traditional way, well there is a program for you at Wells Fargo, want a longer amortization ( they still have 40 year amortization’s), have higher debt load( over 40TDS%) or have no down payment (they will do 100% financing)  then Well Fargo again. 

So let me end by saying having options are good, and Wells Fargo gives us options as not everyone fits the same mold. If it’s good for Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway ( he own’s 8.8% of the company) then it is good enough for me.





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