Mortgage Rate changes


Well after several months of mortgage rates going down, they turned the corner and started going back up yesterday. As fixed mortgages are tied to bond yields, they hit a 10 month high on Monday with the 5 year bond closing at 0.67% forcing lenders to pass the increase on to borrowers.

The bond yields are increasing because there is belief that the US inflation with rise much quicker than initially expected. Thus taking our Government of Canada bonds up with them. While I have no crystal ball, we have been very fortunate lately with our current rock bottom fixed mortgage rates. Nothing stays low forever, so if you have been on the fence about buying a property then now is the time to get pre approved and lock in your mortgage rate in advance of future increases.

While these increases have only affected fixed mortgages. The variable rate is based on Bank of Canada Prime Rate. Which after their last meeting in January 2021, they kept their overnight rate at .25% and said that it will likely stay unchanged till 2023. So if you are comfortable with a variable rate, and 9 times out of 10 people have saved more money that way, then I would highly suggest sticking with a variable rate mortgage. As an added bonus even if you every break it, your penalty is only 3 months interest vs a much larger penalty for breaking a fixed rate.

Irregardless of slight changes in the 5 year fixe rate, don’t forget that to get a mortgage these days that you must qualify based on the 5 year posted rate of 4.79%. Also known as the stress test. So while your overall potential payment may have increased by a small amount your buying power remains the same.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to your mortgage needs.


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