Good credit reward

Do you have Great Credit?

Shouldn’t you have low mortgage rates for having above average credit?

We think you should.

You managed to always pay your bills on time, even if it meant taking less fancy vacations than some of your friends and co workers.

You have or need a mortgage but only because you have not saved enough to pay in cash. No big deal, but you should not have to accept the same rate and terms that everyone else seems to get.

You deserve something better.


The first time we re-financed with Pat, we cleaned up all the credit cards and car loan in to one payment and we were able to save a lot on money each month, which was use to make additional payments on the principle. So, when it came to refinance 5 years later, we called Pat again and he was able to get us a really low interest rate. We strongly recommend Pat’s services; he is very professional and has his finger on the pulse of the mortgage business.

Patrick & Diane Gates

So how about 10-15 basis points better than all the other mortgage brokers and banks are offering for 5 year fixed.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work with lenders who can provide these low mortgage rates as not everyone is able to do so.

Their product is perfectly suited for those with AAA credit and either buying or renewing in urban areas.

Call or email me for further details.