Be Accountable to yourself

Accountability & Commitments

Let’s face it we all set goals and make commitments. Sometimes we even hit our targets. However on those occasions where you don’t reach your goals do you look back and see if you could of done something different or do you look to blame an external factor for preventing you from achieving your objective?

If you decide to eat better but then you notice that your spouse has just made chocolate brownies, do you have one and blame her for making them or do you use some restraint and leave them for the kids? If you have made a goal of getting in better shape but it’s -20c outside today, do you go for a run anyway or put it off till the next day. If the prospect decides not to buy from you do you blame them or commit to doing better the next time.

The sooner we all realize that we are fully responsible for our own fate, the happier we will all be. If you want to get into better shape, it’s up to you. If you want to make more money, it’s up to you. You want a better relationship, it’s up to you.

Nobody is going to make the calls for you, run the miles for you or read the books for you. Set the standard for a higher personal responsibility and the sky is the limit for you.

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