Always Options

Always Options

Not much bothers me more than when someone says the reason that they did something that they later regretted is that they had no choice. You always have a choice. It is just sometimes we choose incorrectly.

  • We could chose to read instead of watching TV
  • We could chose to eat healthy instead of junk food
  • We could chose to get up early instead of sleeping in
  • We could chose to stay up late studying or preparing rather than trying to wing it
  • We could chose to do a workout instead of Netflix
  • We could chose to study more instead of complaining why you didn’t do well
  • We could chose to work harder instead of complaining about your boss or co-workers
  • We could chose to learn a new skill instead of saying that it can’t be done
  • We could chose to count our blessings instead of our faults
  • We could chose to take an extra job, longer hours or spend only what we make rather than bankrupsy

Remember that hard choices make an easier life and easy choice make a hard life. It’s up to you to decide.

Today I am thankful for David Goggins latest book, getting up earlier than I planned allows me to get more done and knowing that when you have the will there will always be a way to get it done.

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