Be Prepared

Be Prepared

You will never know what life can and will throw at you, so it’s best to be prepared. Most if not all cars and trucks come with a spare tire and the necessary tools required to change it. Any household with small kids will also have a first aid kit or a least a good stock of bandages cause accidents happen.

I was reminded of this while doing an 80K bike ride with my friend Marissa today. We rode out to the 40K marker and she had to do an extra Km as my route to meet her was a Km. So during this kilometre ride she crashed. Came back to our turnaround point with a bike bent, and scrapes and bleeding. While I didn’t have a first aid kit with us, I did have a towel and water to clean her up. Also thankfully she had a multi tool to do some needed bike repairs.

So are you prepared in the event that you didn’t get paid next month? Do you have 3 months living expenses put aside? Do you have an estate plan in case something happened to you? While we can’t control what happens to us tomorrow. At the very least we can be prepared to face it.

Today I am thankful for the multi-tool and the towel to clean up my friend after her crash, that there was still some Gatorade left in the fridge when I got home from my ride and a quick lunch with my son after I got home.

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