being uncomfortable

Being Uncomfortable

Nothing ever great was achieved by staying in your comfort zone. You can’t get in shape by staying on the couch. You can’t get rich by staying in bed and you can’t grow and develop unless you have experienced some failure and discomfort.

You will never be able to afford a house if you keep spending all of your pay check. Sure there are some lenders offering no down payment mortgage but you still need to have your closing costs and deed transfer tax.

There is no free ride. The quicker you can be used to some regular discomfort that faster you will make some progress. Do something every day that would normally make you un comfortable. Give a speech, talk with some strangers, ask someone out, do a workout that you have never done before. Just make it a habit to push your comfort zone ever day.

Today I am thankful for those steel cleats on the bottom of my boots or my dog would not of gotten a walk today, new PR’s on workouts and daily opportunities to push my comfort zone.

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