Briain Candy

Brain Candy

When you spend most of your day hard at work what do you do to give your brain a break and just relax? We all need to rest, recharge and chill from time to time. Some people like television and find reality tv shows particularly appealing. Where they can just turn the brain off and watch. I have a cousin who loves to knit and finds it very relaxing. Everyone is different so what puts you in the zone and allows you to relax?

Exercise is my thing and I love the rush of endorphins from a great workout, but to really chill and relax I love to read. While the majority of books I read are non fiction and or personal development/business books. When I want to read but just to do it for fun I pick up a Robert B Parker mystery book. There is something about the style of writing, like the old fashion Dashiell Hammett type of sleuth that I find intriguing.

Today I am thankful for a great conversation that came as a result of a misdialed phone, my kids all back doing their studies remotely today and my 1st run of the year in shorts.

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