Cart before the horse

Cart before the horse

I thought of this today as this is what you get when a salesperson try’s to sell you a product or service before knowing what you really want. When this happens we just end up with buyers remorse as most times we like to buy but nobody wants to be sold. Otherwise we would all be driving the same car, live in the same kind of house and dress the same way.

However I believe that there is a simple fix, and it’s all about listening and asking questions. Smart and intelligent questions will more often than not discover the motivation and or the pain that they are facing. Figuring that out you will know if they are just kicking the tires or if they have a genuine need to solve their problem.

Not everyone wants or needs a mortgage but most will need the access to the capital that the mortgage provides. Once that has been determined then we can go about finding product that works for you. For you this may be a fixed rate, others may want a variable or some may want and or need a HELOC. Getting to know you and your situation will help us both determine the best solution for your borrowing needs.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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