When you are complacent you are happy and or comfortable where you are at even though potential dangers exist all around you. Being complacent at work could get you seriously injured if you don’t stop and pay attention to what you are doing. Just because you have worked without steel-toed boots and a hard hat for the last 3 months doesn’t mean that your lucky streak will continue.

You can also be complacent in your personal life, when you are happy just the way that you are then you are not willing to make any changes to improve yourself. So you just don’t try anymore. It is also this failure to act that allows the evil in this world to persist. You don’t think that your actions will make any difference so you don’t do anything. If you see someone shoplifting and don’t report it then you are allowing the problem to persist and to continue.

As Malala Yousafzai can attest that one person with a strong enough belief can make a difference in the lives of those around them and potentialy around the world. Change is the only constant in our lives so don’t get too comfortable with the results of yesterday as they could be vastly different tomorrow.

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