Don't Cry

Don’t Cry

Let me explain that further, don’t cry over spilt milk. More precisely don’t hold on and get upset over your past mistakes. We all make mistakes, learn from them and do your best not to repeat them and move on. This does not matter if it’s a mistake in your relationship, a mistake at work or something else. Nobody is perfect so learn from it to the best of your ability and move on.

Beating yourself up over something that you regret that you did does not help you today. Apologize if it’s possible, learn from it and move on. I was inspired to write this today as I had a service shredding some ancient documents and I made the mistake of not looking through a box more throughly and out went a bunch of personal memories from University Laval. I spent some of the best years of my life there but that was now 30 years ago and a lot has changed for me since then including marriage and 3 kids and a busy business. So getting upset over my stupid mistake does not help me any so it’s best to move on.

Today I am thankful for a having my girls home from Queens’ for their reading week, the photo album I grabbed before it was shredded and the happy memories of times long ago.

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