Easy come easy go

Easy come easy go

It’s true that we appreciate the least the talents, possessions or relationships that come to us the easiest. The internet is littered with stories of those who have squandered their gifts. From professional athletes and lotto winner quickly going bankrupt to second generation business owners quickly failing in business and charismatic & attractive people failing at relationship after relationship.

More often than not it takes a setback or a defeat to truly wake up. The heart attack before finely taking control of your life and getting back into shape, a nasty break up or hitting rockbottom financially. However don’t wait till that day comes before deciding to truly take control of your life. It should not take a life or death moment to knock some sense into you.

Learn to appreciate everything that life has given you before it’s too late and it’s all taken away. The past few years have been a blessing for those who have opted for a variable rate mortgage. Life was easy and payments were low. Now with interest rates increasing people are starting to worry and some even are freeking out. Nothing lasts forever, even low interest rates. So what I have always told my clients is to fix your payment much higher than the actual interest rate that way when it does move it will not effect you as much as you were used to paying the higher amount.

Remember that the only thing constant in life is change. It’s how we adapt to it that determines who we become.

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