Easy goals vs hard goals

Easy goals vs hard goals

I have always loved the quote from Jerzy Gregorek ” Hard choices easy life, easy choices hard life.” I was thinking of this recently while talking with my daughter who struggling to adapt to university life. Everyone wants the million dollar bank account, the nice house on the hill, a cottage, luxury car or two and fancy vacations. However not everyone is willing to put in the work to make it happen.

If it were easy then everyone would be doctor’s, lawyers, accountants, business owners and make over 100K a year. However not everyone is willing and or able to persist through the struggle and the pain to make those goals happen. The same things applies to the goal of becoming fit. When you default to the easy things to do like watching tv or eating fast food then you will never make any progress toward becoming fitter.

Nobody ever said that life was easy, but with the right choices it will definitely be worth it. If what you are about to do will give you immediate short term benefit then it’s most likely the wrong thing to do. It takes work and effort to make the calls, do the presentations, write the reports, pre make your meals and do your training. Going out with your friends every week is easy but not the right thing to do if your goal is to save for a down payment on a house. Short term pain & discomfort and long term gain is the way to go.

Today I am thankful for a nice fast paced run this morning to start the day, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing the hard things and seeing the smiles on all the little kids faces as we gave them candy last night.

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