Every Penny Counts

Every Penny Counts

When it comes to managing your money, every penny counts. It’s the same when it’s about life in general, the little things matter. Far too often we discount the small purchase or the small actions until they have accumulated into a massive bill or horrible habit.

So to put this into perspective, that daily coffee habit is closing you far more than you think. That grande non fat latte is $5.65, I know as this was my wife’s daily drink. This is $28.25 a week, $113 a month or $1,356 a year. Since she is now working at home we purchased a Nespresso machine and just make it at home for 1/4 of the cost.

You can look at your daily habits the same way. I just had breakfast with a childhood friend and he was asking me for advise about exercise. I asked him what he can give up in the run of a day to add in some time to exercise. This is because to add a good habit one must first subtract something that is not serving you.

What are you spending your money or your time on that is not giving you the results that you want? If you don’t know where your time or money goes most days then I highly suggest that you track it for two weeks to determine what you can remove or change for the better.

Today I am thankful for the breakfast with an old friend, keeping track of the little things before they become huge problems and my 1st day back in my renovated office.

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