Extreme Focus

Extreme Focus

Having extreme focus on small micro tasks will allow you to achieve monumental goals. We far too often get caught up in the pie in the sky big goal that we convince ourselves that we can’t do it. However these big goals are just small micro tasks accomplished and stacked one upon another.

There are plenty of people who are capable of running a marathon which is 26.2 Miles or 42.195 Kilometres. They don’t suddenly wake up the day of the event and decide to do it with out any training. They train for it, even if they have never run before it is still possible. Any training program can be scaled down to the simplest task, so all you have to do is stack one achievement upon another and you will get there.

Focus on what you can control. Sure that distance may seem overwhelming if you don’t run regularly. So just break it down into bite sized pieces and build on it. Start with 400M if you have to, stay consistent and keep adding to it and you will achieve it. This also applies to almost anything that you want to achieve like saving for a down payment on a new home. Start with small actions, repeated regularly will lead you to your objective.

Today I am thankful that I broke part of my workout down to bite sized pieces that made it very easy to complete, a nice quite morning to read my book on the back deck and by excelling at the small things you can achieve so much over time.

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