Find a way

Find a way

There is no easy path to success, we all encounter obstacles and setbacks along the way. It’s when we are faced with these challenges that our true character is revealed. It’s in those times that we either find an excuse for why it can’t be done or we find a way to get it done. There are no other options.

Ask any successful person or read biographies of those who have achieved massive success and you will find example upon example of hard work and perseverance to get to where they wanted to go. Innate talent is just a label those who are unwilling to put in the work use to describe those who are succeeding as an excuse for why it is not working for them. When people says that someone is talented or naturally smart they are just discounting all the work and effort that they put in to get them where they are today.

Successful people don’t just come from any one demographic, physical location, religion or ethnicity. It comes from those who have the mindset that says that no matter what happens to them, they will find a way and get it done. There are tons of people who come from disadvantaged socioeconomic areas to become successful business people, doctors, lawyers, accountants or engineers. Just like there are many who have lost weight and kept it off by a change in mindset and lots and lots of hard work. The same applies to those who are seemingly drowning in debt and have somehow found a way to crawl out of it and pay it off without resorting to means that allowed them walk away from the responsibility.

So don’t let your current situation define you. You are more than your pile of bills, your current weight or you unfulfilling job or relationship. If you need a kick in the pants to get yourself going then pick up and read one of David Goggins books and see how he turned his life around and continues to excel every day. You got this.

Today I am thankful for my dog that gets me up and out the door every morning even when I don’t feel like it, a cool crisp run on a winter’s morning and the fact that I have overcome all my past obstacles to get this far.

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