At each and every moment we get to chose to focus on something that will move us forward to or something that will hold us back. Sure it could be scare or it can also be exciting, it’s your choice what you want to focus on. At the end of the day ultimately we get what we focus on.

Watching too much of the news or spending too much time on social media will just leave you frustrated hearing about war, the economy or how much fun influencers are having on their vacation. Turn it off and live your own life, focus instead on making a difference in the one life that you can control, your own.

Focus instead on what you can control which is your focus, your effort and your attitude. Everything else is outside your control. Get clear on where you want to go and start with the task at hand. The best way to do this is one day at a time, Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t change overnight. With dedicated focus anything is possible.

Today I am thankful for knowing someone who can fix my daughter’s phone, that all the retailers that I shopped at this year had online ordering and more World Cup action today.

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