Freedoms & Responsibilities

Freedoms & responsiblities

There is a lot of talk recently about freedoms and I think that is best paired with responsibilities. We are free to do so many things but we are also held responsible to not do others for the sake of public safety. You have the freedom to drink as much as you want, but you have a personal responsibility not to drink and drive or you will be fined or worse kill yourself or others. The same applies to wearing your seat belt, owning a firearm or now getting or not getting vaccinated.

Note that many of the things that you are free to do also come with an equal level of personal responsibility. Since I am a mortgage broker, you can if you so wish decide that you no longer want to make your mortgage payments. That’s your right to do so. However remember that comes with a lot of responsibility so if you decide to no longer make the payments you are responsible to make, the bank will simply foreclose on your property.

It’s a double edged sword, and as long as you are responsible you will be fine. You have to balance freedom with your personal responsibility to your community and your country as a whole. Yes you can say what ever you want but if what you say is hateful, racist or degrading you will be held accountable. As long as you are aware of the balance and can toe the line and respect the rules we will all get along just fine.

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