Friends & Flower

Friends & Flowers

I come from a big extended Cape Breton family, and growing up almost every weekend we would have some members of the family over to visit. You see my Mom was the glue for the family and they all flocked to her as she was a great listener and since we had a big house in the country the rest of the family used us as their vacation spot. Which was fine with us as we got to hang out with our cousins.

Brest cancer took my Mom 17 years ago on the 9th of Sept. This is the main reason I am doing the ride for cancer. So hopefully the funds that we raise will allow someone’s Mom to fight a little longer or possibly receive the cure or treatment that is needed. You can sponsor me here.

After Mom passed away we all got busy with our lives as most of us had young children at the time. However since the pandemic and that most of our kids are now grown up and at University or started their careers, we have had the opportunity to reconnect. Which brought me back to thinking of my Mom who would gather friends & family like flowers and cultivate the relationships over her lifetime. This is because the true joys of life are not the new TV, latest phone or fancy car but the deep connections that we develop with friends & family. If your Mom is still with you then give her a hug for me.

“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead
Walk beside me… just be my friend”
― Albert Camus

Today I am thankful for the great conversations I have with my brothers and cousins every Friday morning, a short hill run even when I didn’t want to do it and the completion of the renovations at my home.

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