Get Lucky

Get Lucky!

Let me put this right out here, hard work + persistance = luck. Sure there are the occasions where things may just appear to go your way. However I still think it has more to do with all the work that was put in prior to experiencing those moments of grace.

It’s like calling a child smart when they have done well on a test without really acknowledging how hard they worked to get that grade. This just cheapens all the work they’ve done. It’s much better to say how proud that you are of all the great work they put in to get that grade. That appreciates their work ethic and further instills a growth mindset.

The sales person who now appears to be firing on all cylinders and is having a month more in line with what others accomplish in a year. To the untrained eye they may appear to be lucky but behind the scenes you discover how many calls, presentations, showings, quotes and follow up they have been doing.

The athlete who is just killing it in a regional competition. Calling them lucky because of favourable weather, wind conditions or inferior competitors totally misses the point. You don’t see them posting gym selfie’s or partying with their friends. They are training and putting in the time and effort to excel when it comes time to compete.

So when you come across someone who is knocking it out of the park, don’t call it luck instead acknowledge and appreciate all the hard work that got them there.

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work the more I have of it”. Thomas Jefferson

Today I am thankful for hearing just the sounds of birds this morning when I walked the dog, quiet mornings when everyone else is still asleep and re connecting with old friends on the phone.

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