Give and take

Give and Take

Sometimes to get what you want you have to give a little bit to get it. Life is a game of compromises of all sorts. We can’t always bully people to doing things exactly how we want or we won’t have any friends. So give a little bit and take a little bit in return.

So whether I am doing someone’s residential or commercial financing project there is always a little give and take involved in getting it done. Want the best terms then you must be able to give all the documents required to get them. Anyone who is married and has kids will understand the daily negotiating that is involved.

Consider it a transfer of value the same as when you are buying your groceries or fuel for your vehicle. You have to give a little bit of your hard earned money to get what you want.

Today I am thankful for such an amazing World Cup final yesterday, that my daughter arrived safely back from university and that we were able to get her phone fixed without having to buy her a new one.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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