Go To Person

Go to person

Many of us have that guy or that gal as a go to person for what ever reason. It could be some one to call for a perfect recipe for a family dinner, who to call if something breaks around the house or if your car is making a funny sound.

Last Saturday while doing the laundry I discovered that our dryer wasn’t well drying the clothes. It was operating but only rotating and blowing cold air on damp clothes. So a quick text to my guy and on Monday he showed up and fixed it no sweat. The same when a plumbing issue occurred this week and in no time at all my plumbing guy showed up and fixed it.

Let me be your go to person if you ever have any mortgage questions. I am not expecting to be given the chance of doing your mortgage right away but to tell you that I am here if you have any mortgage related questions.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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p.s.s- I should tell you that I am licensed in Nova Scotia Brokerage (2021-3000179) Broker (2021-3000180), Ontario(M18001555) & in British Columbia(BCFSA #504098).

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