High Tech Outage

High Tech Outage

It is not TGIF if you are a Rogers customer today, or if you were planning to go shopping with your debt or credit card as these payment terminals have also been effected. In this day and age when we all expect things to just work and when they don’t it is like you have gone back into the stone age.

My morning zoom meeting today was cancelled as the other party didn’t have internet, so for some this has become the early start to a weekend. It’s times like this that you should have an emergency stash of cash on hand. We have gotten so used to paying by debit or taping our digital wallet’s on our phones that when things suddenly don’t work we don’t know what to do.

Today I am thankful for my Eastlink internet service and my bell mobile phone service and that my favourite hockey team got to pick first at the NHL draft last night.

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