Ho Ho Oh NO

Ho Ho Oh No

It’s now the 5th of December and just 20 days from the big day for those of us who celebrate Christmas. Just one thing I want you to keep in mind as you are doing your Christmas shopping, Don’t finance your gifts. Try to use debit or cash as much as you can. Credit card debt is the gift that keeps on giving long after the initial purchase. Specially these days with rising inflation and interest rates, when you buy on credit you are essentially robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

If you can’t pay for it in full now or at least in 30 days then don’t buy it. The reason for the season is not to spend as much as you can on your loved ones. It’s to spend as much time and attention with them as possible. The money you spent or the gift you bought will be long forgotten but the love and attention that you gave them will last a lifetime.

Today I am thankful for a dog that needs two walks a day even when I don’t want to go, for my Mom who loved this time of year and my wife who made a large batch of peanut butter balls yesterday and set aside a few for the dog.

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