It's all your fault

It’s all your fault

To interpret that another way, you current situation or your lot in life is 100% your responsibility. It’s not your parents, your teachers, your bosses or your spouses fault. The faster that we all come to the realization that we are responsible for our results or the lack thereof, the happier and more successful we will be.

People all the time take it in their own hands to improve their health and their finances. The internet is full of before and after success stories. However on the down side there is also many that blame their lack of results on so called external events outside their control.

Don’t blame the economy if your business is slow and you are also not doing sales calls with clients and following up with leads. There are many people excelling in this market and reaching out to new people every day and putting in the work. The same applies if you are 50 pounds over weight. We all have the same 24 hours a day, so don’t make that excuse as there are many that get up early fit in a workout before going to work for a full day.

Don’t fall into the trap because you heard a prominent business leader or politician blame their poor performance on something else. Put in the work and take the time to create your own future success story. It won’t happen overnight but with persistence and belief in yourself it will happen.

Today I am thankful for another good book that I discovered, that I am about to finish my 30th book of the year all by only committing 20 minutes a day to reading and the more I realized that it’s my responsibility the better I feel.

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