Constant and never ending improvement

Just 1% better!

Many of us want to make massive improvements in our lives. Weather it’s getting in shape, making or saving more money or improving your relationships. Sometimes you think that the prospect of acheiving those goals is too monumental. You could be right if you are tying to do it all at once. Remember the expression ” Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither were you.

However what if you break it down and start small. Start by just focusing on improving 1% better today and doing another 1% tomorrow.

So if it is 1 push up today, it’s 2 tomorrow.

5 min walk today, then increase that by another 1% tomorrow. Then soon you will be jogging and eventually running if that is your goal.

Want to ready more books this year, start by reading 1 page a day. Soon you will be finishing books in no time at all.

Drowning in debt, start by making more than the minimum payments on one debt. Once that is paid off then put that money towards the next one, and the next one till you are paid off.

Want to buy your first place, start by putting money aside for the down payment. A little bit at a time plus the power of compound interest and you will get there quickly.

Small and simple actions repeated every day lead to big results. That 1% improvement today, is 100% improvement after 100 days. Start small, and you can do this.

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