Keep Striving

Keep Striving

While many people know that the tag line to Nike is “Just Do It” their actual slogan is “There is no finish line”. This underlines the fact that we should always be pursuing improvements in our lives each and every day. The race never ends, as the one you finished yesterday will prepare you for another one tomorrow. Keep striving and pushing yourself to get better all the time.

Just because you lost your bid on the previous 5 homes you looked at does not mean that you will fail the next time. The only way to guarantee that you fail is to strop trying. It’s true that it is a very challenging market for home buyers, however people are still being successful in buying new properties. Ask your agent for feed back on your unsuccessful bid to see how you can improve for the next one.

The only thing constant in life is change so what didn’t work yesterday may indeed work tomorrow, and what worked before may not work the next time. Stay focused on what is your objective and keep moving forward.

Today I am thankful for the short interruption in power this morning while everyone else was still asleep, going from one great book to another one as there is always more to learn and the lessons I have learned from everything that didn’t work.

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