Know you care

Know you care

Mortgage brokering is a knowledge based business. It is also a fact that if you have been in the business long enough that there will be many like you who process the same level of knowledge. What will separate us at that point is demonstrating how well we care about those clients who come to us for help with their mortgage.

It’s not just in my field it will also apply to whatever product or service that you are selling. I remember when my wife and I were shopping for a new car a few years ago and we had gone to several different dealerships and looked at quite a few different models. While everyone one quoted us payments and features, there was only one sales person who cared enough to follow back up with us.

I was thinking about this today as I was recently referred a client who had been working with someone else who could not find the time to call them back. The sad thing about this is that we are in a 100% commission business, meaning that we only get compensated once a file has funded. So it’s in our own best interest to follow up and take care of our clients. This also applies to most of the main sales positions from insurance to automotive sales. So where product knowledge can be consistent across the board, by showing how much you care will allow you stand apart from the rest of the field.

Today I am thankful for referral sources who care enough to call me to help with their clients, electricians who come well before their scheduled appointment and people who call you back after you have left them a message.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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