Limits, Labels and Expectations

Limits, labels & expectations

Life would be much better for us and everyone around us if we just stopped putting limits, labels or expectations on ourselves and others. Athletic achievements are being broken almost everyday yet we have not evolved significantly in the last 100 years or so.

People are forming companies and creating more wealth for themselves and others than has ever been thought possible. Yet at the same time, there are still millions struggling to get buy monthly what the average person here in North America spends per day at Starbucks.

Lastly more strife and division has been created in society because we put labels on people or groups because they are different than us. It should not matter if someone is of a different ethinicy, sexual orientation, or religion. We are all just human and we have far more in common than we differ. 

It is when we lift the limits, labels and expectations for ourselves and others that the true magic in life starts to happen. Once you believe that anything is possible, your world will change for the better exponentially.

Let us all strive to remove limits, labels and expectations from our lives and embrace the infinite potential that lies within us all. Let us celebrate our differences and recognize that diversity is what makes our world so beautiful and unique. Let us support and encourage each other to push beyond our perceived limitations and reach for the stars. Remember, anything is possible if you believe it is. So, let us believe in ourselves and in each other, and together we can achieve incredible things.

Today I am thankful for the weekly speed run where I push past my previous limits, that my wife just received her new birthday present two weeks early and the power that comes from thinking that anything is possible.

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