Long Term Thinking

Long Term Thinking

Too often I find that people look at situations or problems based on their short term inconveniences or immediate benefits. Thus you see people wasting their pay check just after they have gotten paid by going on a shopping spree, a night on the town or a fancy vacation on credit. All these things may give you good feelings over the short term but don’t help you at all if your long term goal is financial stability.

The same applies if your goal is getting and staying healthy. Sure that donair may taste good today but if you eat consistently bad over time you will never achieve the results that you want.

The trouble is that our hedonistic society wants pleasure now and all the time. They don’t want to put in the work but want the immediate benefits. Sadly there is no magic pill for success or for the perfect body for that matter.

To be smarter, you must love to read more than you enjoy watching TV. To be healthier you much first suffer through the workouts and eat healthy. To be financial free, you must lear to pay your self first and then invest that for the long run.

We must all learn to be uncomfortable doing uncomfortable things. Paying yourself first means that you can’t hit the town every pay day or take those fancy vacations but when you are older you can do that while everyone else is still working. So think of the long term benefit while you pass up the immediate gain. Work harder now so you can play that much more later.

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