Make Hay

Make Hay

As the old country expression goes “Make hay while the sun shines”. I take that to mean that when things are going well to keep doing what you were doing to get you there.

Far too often when people experience a taste of success they invariably take their foot off the gas and decide to coast. I think that you should be doing the exact opposite. If you got in shape watching what you eat and running 25K a week then keep doing that. The same if you are now experiencing some sales success, don’t stop the prospecting and following up.

Taking your foot off the gas will just result in a dip in your progress. 5 or 10 more pounds when you weren’t watching what you were doing. Your sales will also evaporate if you don’t keep up the work.

Make the great work a habit and keep doing it even when you are experiencing some success. Set new and higher goals and push your self to the next level.

Today I am thankful for all my kids working today so my wife and I could go for brunch, time spent gardening this morning and Sunday Open Championship golf.

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