Mind over Matter

Mind over matter

Minor annoyances tend to grow much larger when attention is put towards them. Someone cuts you off in your morning commute and suddenly you are in a bad mood all day. Your team loses the big game ( sadly it happened) or the injection site of your vaccine is sore. You could focus all your energies towards what didn’t go as you planned or you can acknowledge it and get on with your day.

This is my frame of mind today. Yes they lost, that happens and I was still immensely proud of their performance during this year’s playoff run. There was also a brief time when I got up this morning and noticed that my shoulder was sore. I just acknowledged it and got on with my day. Ran 5K and just got back from donating blood and feel awesome actually.

Don’t dwell on what didn’t go your way, focus instead on where you want to go. Your day and your life will be much better as a result if you think about what you want rather than what you disagree with or what causes you some discomfort. Cause if you don’t mind it doesn’t rally matter.

Today I am thankful for the great people at Canada Blood Services who always make me feel comfortable and special, the arrival of my new barbell so I can show my kids how to lift and just generally feeling unstoppable.

“Rule your mind or it will rule you.” Buddha

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