Mom’s Favourite Mortgage Broker

Pat Sawler -Mom's Favourite Mortgage BrokerI am changing the tag line on my home page as I deal in more than just one geographic location. Plus I was Mom’s favourite mortgage broker. Truth to be told my older brother is a pilot and my younger brother is a horticulturalist. Mom was always able to listen without judgement and boost my spirits when and if they needed it. She passed from Cancer in Sept of 2005, just almost a year after my girls were born and about a year before my son was born.

If you are still fortunate enough to still have your Mom, please give her a hug for me. The picture was me & Mom from around 1970.

Mom’s Favourite Mortgage Broker


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PSS. I should tell you that I am licensed in Nova Scotia, Ontario (M18001555) & in British Columbia (BCFSA #504098).