Mr Speaker

Mr Speaker

For any large group to function as it should then it needs a leader who can speak on its behalf. Without that consensus there is chaos and nothing gets done. Classrooms have teachers, schools have principals, companies have CEO’s and political parties have leaders. All of these positions work well when these leaders have the support of the people they represent or lead.

While it is true that concessions have to be made from time to time, no group can and should be held hostage by a small minority trying to force their opinions and views on the majority. That is not a democracy. However recently it has evolved to the point where those with the loudest voices try to force their point across even if they do not accurately reflect the majority of the people.

For progress to be made then the majority can and should not be silent any longer. People always think that I am just one person what difference can I make. Rosa Parks was one person and you know her name cause she had enough and decided to speak up and make a difference. Malala Yousafzai was almost killed by the Taliban for speaking up about her right to an education. Greta Thunberg is making a difference in how we think about global warming. These are just three but there are many many more. It’s not too late to make your voice heard.

Today I am thankful to getting up to discover that Canada won gold in the World Jr Hockey Tournament, a workout that kicked my ass this morning and for speaking up on matters that are important.

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