My Miracles

My Miracles

Exactly 18 years ago today my two little miracles came into this world. My girls Ella & Georgia were born today 18 years ago at 08:41 & 08:42. When they arrived 11 weeks early at 29 weeks gestation, they were 2″11 and 2″13 respectively. As they were quite pre mature the first few days and weeks were very anxious as it was going to take miracles for them to get through and make it. Fortunately they did and are now no worse for ware.

As they were born on Thanksgiving Monday in 2004, they have continued to be something I am thankful for each and everyday. If you think about it, we all have miracles in our lives. You just have to appreciate everything that you got through that allowed you to get to this very day. My Mom who passed away from breast cancer in sept of 2005 used to say that every day above ground was a good day. So it’s best if we appreciate and are thankful for everything in our lives as it makes life that much better.

Today I am thankful for my two little miracles who are now in their first year of university, the positive frame of mine that my mom always had and for the excellent NICU care they received at the IWK.

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Ella Sawler
Georgia Sawler
Georgia @University
Ella @University